Motivation can be a tricky subject but there are some definite ways to not motivate your team. Threats, punishment, public humiliation are good ways not to motivate a team and if that is your leadership style then you are doing it very very wrong. People hate negative motivation and when you do something people hate they are going to find and outlet for that hate, the most obvious and common outlets is doing their job badly, this is how people will punish the leadership for treating them badly. You also run the risk of more extreme reaction from keying your car, suing you, quitting their job or even physical violence against you. So don’t do it, it will always end badly.
The best course of action is positive motivation which will produce much better results and make the workplace a much better environment for everyone, productivity will soar and you will make lots of money, what’s not to like.

Some bad leadership quotes of negative motivation

“I want those reports by tomorrow else you are fired”

“If you don't finish those you will be working Sunday”

“pick up the slack or we will be looking for someone new”

“You wont ever work in this town again if you don't do what I say”

These leadership quotes are only going to demotivate your team and reduce productivity, people don’t work well under stress and anger and if you are putting them under those stresses you are hurting your team. The leadership needs its team so treat them well and they will work hard. Keep them healthy and happy and they will make you money.
When you grasp this simple idea leadership will become a breeze and your team will respect you are go the extra mile for you. If you then need to brake some hard news to them or need them to work longer hours to meet a deadline they will understand and be happy to help.